Weight Management

Do you believe they weigh the same?

The traditional way of weight management by looking at the “kg” on weighing scale is no longer practical. Instead, we look into the body composition – fat and muscle mass in our body.

A successful and sustainable transformation can be achieved when both fat and muscle mass in our body meet a balance, and then balancing out our inner health and outer figure. This balance can be achieved by tackling on underlying root causes.

Here in O2 Klinik, our team of professionals will assess and analyze your condition, provide solutions according to your needs and walk with you along the journey.


Diet & Lifestyle Consultation

  • Identify the “hidden problems” that you never realize
  • Discuss and practicalize the solutions
  • Customize planning based on your lifestyle
  • Empowerment with close guidance and monitoring

Body Composition Analysis

  • Advanced technology to analyze your body composition

Catering Services (Coming Soon)

  • Customized, calorie-control, nutrient-balanced
  • Prepared by experienced chef, monitored by professional dietitian
  • Delivered to door step

Personal Training Services (Coming Soon)

  • Personalized training regime tailored to your body condition and needs
  • Certified Personal trainer and dietitian work closely to optimize your progress


Coolsculpting is an innovative, non-invasive way to contour your body by freezing unwanted fat away.

Coolsculpting can target stubborn fat in the abdomen, thigh, flank (side), or under your chin.After treatment, targeted fat cells are eliminated for good.

  • No injection
  • No bleeding
  • No surgery
  • FDA-cleared, safe and effective

Oral Medication

  • Oral medication is another option for weight loss.
  • Subject to the advice and prescription from doctor.

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Working Hours: Sat – Thurs (Friday Off), 10am-7pm

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