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Tattoo removal may bring the high risk of scarring and pain. Fortunately, O2 Clinics have the advanced laser treatment by using Medlite Laser, which safely penetrate the skin and target each tattoo ink colour. Black and Multi-colored tattoos can be removed through the advanced MedLite laser treatment in O2 Clinic.


  • Eliminates tattoos precisely without harming surrounding skin
  • Quick, comfortable
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Able to remove black and multi-colored tattoos
  • Done by Doctor

What to expect?

As the light energy gently vibrates and shatters the tattoo ink into easily eliminated microparticles, O2 MedLite laser feels similar to snaps of small rubber bands, followed by a warm sensation.


A temporary whitening will follow the first treatment. Over time, the tattoo particles will fade and the skin will return to its natural colour.
Dark blue, black and red inks offer highest degree of success, followed by orange and purple. Green and sky blue may require additional treatments for significant fading.


How soon can I see the result?

Tattoos will gradually fade during a course of 5 to 15 treatment sessions.

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