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A V shape face is held as a sign of beauty nowadays. However, a wide jawline is often genetically determined and frequently observed in people of Asian descent. The correct balance between cheekbones and jawline is essential for a soft appearance and a defined V-shaped face. In O2 Klinik, we can achieve the appearance of a slimmed-down jawline through a Botox treatment.

How is the procedure done?

Before the treatment, you will get the consultation and detailed assessment from O2 doctors.
Masseter muscles are first located by doctors followed by Botox injection into the jaw muscles.
Duration of the procedure is usually 10-15 minutes.


Any downtime?

Botox treatment does not come with any major side effects and downtime. Heavy exercise shall be avoided for 5-7 days after Botox procedure.


How soon can I see the result?

Slimming the jawline with Botox is a gradual process. Results usually only appear after 4 weeks on average.


How frequent do I need to do the procedure?

We advise the procedure to be repeated every 3-6 months in order to further improve your jawline’s newfound slimness.


Is it a safe treatment?

The face slimming / V shape Botox treatment is an extremely safe procedure. This means that years have been spent researching its effectiveness, side effects and possible complications. Only when the results are favorable the substance is allowed onto the market. The levels of Botox used in a jawline slimming procedure are very low, such that they cannot be harmful or toxic.

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