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Medical Facial Treatments

O2 Klinik provides a wide range of medical facial treatment for different skin types.

Let’s see some of the medical facial treatments available in O2 Klinik to help in improving different skin conditions:


Oxycryo Therapy

Oxycryo therapy is a soothing oxygen postcare & beauty system for skin rejuvenation and healing. OxyCryo machine infuses real medical oxygen that hydrates your skin deeply with pure oxygen. Oxygen Mist Therapy provides pure oxygen and nutrients to the skin via spraying to quickly promote collagen formation and damaged skin regeneration without the risk of infection. Oxycryo therapy infuses vitality into your tired look, providing glowing skin texture after several sessions.

E-Cool Electrophoresis

Outstanding cooling performance after laser treatment. It offers 3 Functional Systems:

  • Heating treatment effective for opening pores and relaxing the skin, Electroporation
  • Electroporation which helps increase the penetration of active ingredients of skin care products such as highly enriched ampule or serum into the skin directly
  • Cooling treatment which is done after electroporation to tighten the pores. After Electroporation

Benefits: Wrinkle care, lifting, anti-aging, skin toning, minimizing pores.



Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) or LED Phototherapy is a non-invasive rejuvenating skin treatment for areas of your skin that show signs of damage from aging, acne, certain skin cancers, sun damage, age spots and other causes.

PDT involves applying a topical medication to your skin, and then exposing it to a specific wavelength of light. This causes a reaction that eliminates abnormal skin cells and allows healthy cells to flourish.

LED Phototherapy is a painless, even relaxing skin-care treatment that plumps up aging skin by boosting collagen production and treats mild to moderate acne.

WISHPRO- Magnetic Infusion Device

WISHPro Plus+ – A technologically advanced facial treatment device and capsule system. WISHPro uses Magnetic Infusion Technology to convert magnetic pulses into an active energy field that creates light or electrical current. This magnetic field is partially converted to Microcurrent, Red LED, Blue LED, or Magnetic Pulse technologies using the different technology heads. In tandem with the serum-infused treatment capsules, MIT penetrates active serums into the skin. The unique combination of MIT technology with personal serum-infused treatment capsules, delivers unparalleled results for all skin types and concerns.


O2 Signature Facial Mask


Casmara Algae Peel Off Facial Mask

High technology cosmetics formulated with seaweed extracts that provides a powerful hydrating effect, along with diverse active ingredients.


Snow Bird Nest Intense Collagen Powder Mask
An anti-aging line with intense dual collagen activator to reduce wrinkles and visible lines, tighten and firm your skin.


Whitening Plant Synergy Powder Mask

Optimized vegetal complex, brightening formula with anti-pollution properties to boost skin whitening.

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