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Laser hair removal is popular with those who want a quick and more permanent solution than other methods,e.g. waxing, threading, shaving and tweezing. Lasers remove hair by stopping the hair follicles from growing new hairs. The light of a laser is sent through the pigment in the hair. This converts to heat, which damagesthe hair follicle and hair bulb.Laser can actually help with irritating ingrown hairs, by encouraging hair to grow straight. The laser, which is a long pulsed NDYAG laser, is safe for treating pigmented or darker skin tones. However, it’s not effective for white/blonde hair.


Q: When can I see the result?

It takes two or three weeks after first treatment to see a difference, and 8 -12 treatments to get the full result.


Q: Is the procedure painful?

Minimal pain may be experienced which is usually well tolerated.
It is recommended to use a hair trimmer/shave the area before laser as the laser can react with hair on the skin’s surface which will cause some irritation and maybe dreaded burnt hair smell.


Q: Any downtime?

Minimal downtime with skin redness which will last for only 1 day.
Scrubs, glycolic acid and retinol creams should be avoided 2 days before and after treatment.

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