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Our Services


  • Dental Check Up
  • Intraoral Photographs

Aesthetic Dentistry

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Porcelain / Composite Veneers

General Dentistry

  • Scaling & Polishing
  • Dental Fillings
  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Tooth Extraction
  • Wisdom Tooth Surgery


  • Dislodged Dental Crown & Tooth Bridges
  • Dental Abscess Treatment
  • Lip/ Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Post Extraction Bleeding

Implant Dentistry

  • Single/ Multiple Implants
  • Implant Supported Denture
  • Sinus Lifting
  • Bone Grafting


  • Removable Orthodontic
  • Fixed Orthodontic


  • Crown
  • Bridge
  • Inlay/ Onlay
  • Denture

Periodontics Dentistry

  • Scaling & Root Planing
  • Periodontal Plastic Surgery
  • Soft Tissue Grafting
  • Tissue Regeneration
  • Gum Contouring

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    About Us

    Where Patient Is Our Priority

    O2 KLINIK was founded in January 2012 by a group of medical doctor with the aim of providing services in general medicine; preventive medicine; regenerative and anti-aging medicine; dermatology and aesthetic medicine; screening and diagnostic medicine.
    O2 provides professional non-invasive or minimally invasive cosmetic dermatology and aesthetic services. Our aesthetic medical solutions are complemented by dermatologically tested skin care and peeling system. Not every O2 patients needs surgery to achieve the goals which they are looking for.
    Our mission and vision is to deliver professional care to the community. To serve with empathy and to treat patients with holistic approach by using advanced diagnostic and treatment equipment including modern laser technology.
    Our clinic motto “O2, Where Patient Is Our Priority”

    30+ Clinics

    50+ Doctors

    150+ Nurses & Beautician